AI Video Analytics: Empowering Decision-Making in Real-Time

Our XconnectedAi product is suited for edge deployments. We use optimal hardware that is both rugged, compact and computationally powerful.

Its functionality includes 12+ Action Recognition like Eve Teasing, Chain Snatching, Crowd Demonstration, Graffiti, Collapsing, Accident detection, Sweeping Action, Jumping, Biking, Diving, Demonstration, Fighting 30+ Object Detection Models, Line and Area Counting, 27+ Person Attributes and Face Recognition.

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Product Snapshots

Capturing innovation: Unveiling the Revolutionary Features of our Latest Product

  • Welcome Page

    Experience a warm and inviting welcome as you start your journey with our magical automation app.

  • Dashboard Live Stats

    Effortlessly monitor real-time analytics and customize your dashboard to view comprehensive data.

  • Live Detection

    Processes video feeds in real-time and provide instant alerts and notifications for specific events or conditions.

  • Product Features

    That make our products to win over its competitors. Whether you're a business owner, an organization or a tech enthusiast, our innovative solutions redefine what's possible in the world of visual data with the help of these extraordinary features mentioned below:

    Power of Precision

    AI is only reliable when it is accurate. Accuracy of "XConnectedAI" is 85%+ which is far better as many competitors provides only 30%-50% accuracy. Get our Video Analytics for Actionable Business Intelligence.

    Unleashing 5G Connectivity

    Our Solution is 5G ready. It provides 5G – Camera Connectivity Solution using NEF and MEC & Easily scalable. Enhance your Security and Efficiency with our AI Video Analytics.

    Real-Life Insights

    Unlike competitors which built product on internet images, "XConnectedAI" built on real-life datasets like KUMBH MELA, CITY TRAFFIC, SMART CITY, WASTE MANAGEMENT and many more.

    Fully Customized Solutions

    We provide cutting-edge video analytics solutions that can be tailored to your specific needs.

    • Seamless Monitoring
    • Smart Detection
    • Accurate and reliable
    • Cost and Time savings
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    Industries We Serve

    We offer a range of innovative services to help businesses leverage the power of video data. Here are various indstries we are serving our advanced services:

    Smart City

    Catering to Smart Urban Solutions around Citizen Safety, Solid Waste Management, Traffic Management, Crowd Management, Grafitti detection, Vandalism, Abondoned bag etc.

    Smart Traffic

    Detects Red light violation(RLVD), ANPR(Automatic Number Plate), Speed violation, fake number plate, Illegal Parking, Triple riding, Helmet/No-Helmet, Wrong-way detection etc.

    Smart Restaurant

    Face Recognition based Attendance, Calculate Cooking time, Order mismatch, Food temperature, Fire & Smoke, Uniform Voilation, Compliances, Rodent, Garbage Detection etc.

    Real Estate

    Intrusion detection, Unauthorized person detection, People count, recognition of face, Illegal parking and vehicle count detection, Garbage detection, Weapon detection, Fire, Smoke detection etc.

    Smart Factory

    Detects Safety gears violation, Face recognition based attendance, Product defect detection, Calculate process time, Detects industry complianceviolation, Detects COVID safety protocols, Predictive Maintenance detection etc.

    Premise Safety

    Intrusion detection, Unauthorized Access detection based on face recognition , Detects wildlife and other animals, fire and smoke detection, weapons detection, Anomaly detection for threat identification etc.

    Defense Solutions

    Use cases around improving Border Security, Cantonment Security, Object identification, Defence Base & Installation Security, Intrusion Prevention, suspicious behaviour, abondoned objects, fire and smoke etc.

    Smart Agriculture

    The integration of video analytics in agriculture can provide farmers with valuable data and insights to make informed decisions. AI-based PEST and disease identification and analysis with treatment recommendations.