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Python overview, Use-cases and Practice session
Hands-on Python using Jupyter and VS Code
Introduction to IoT and MQTT
Hands-on connecting and messaging with Mosquitto
Hands-on connecting with AWS IoT
Data logger implementation
Introduction to Edge Computing
Setting up Jetson Nano

Artificial Intelligence and Deep Learning

AI/ DL and ML Overview.
Framework Overview (Tensorflow/ Darknet/ CNTK/ PyTorch).
Object Classification, Detection and Tracking.
Architectures Faster R-CNN, R-FCN, Multibox, SSD, and YOLO.
Artificial Intelligence Hardware Overview.
End to End flow to solve an AI Problem.

MANIT Training

Bitvivid Solutions Pvt. Ltd. has successfully conducted 4-Days IoT workshop and 4-Days workshop on Artificial Intelligence & Deep Learning at MANIT, Bhopal.

All topics have both theory and hands-on component.