AI Powered Video Analytics Solution For Restaurants 11111

A surveillance system that is able to manage and analyze several components in the restaurants.

With AI-powered solutions, we transform the restaurant industry by enhancing operational efficiency and customer satisfaction. Our intelligent systems leverage data analysis and natural language processing to automate order management, personalize menus, and optimize inventory levels.

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Fully Customized Solutions

We provide AI-Enabled Solutions for Restaurant Chains that can be tailored to your specific needs.

  • Face Recognition based Attendance of employees
  • Calculate Cooking time and Detect food temperature before packaging
  • Section check for Order mismatch detection and missing item detection
  • Detection of kitchen safety including Fire and smoke detection.
  • Uniform including face masks, shower caps, hand gloves detection
  • Rodent and Reptile detection in the premise
  • Detect Garbage in the kitchen to maintain hygeine
  • Ambient temperature check to maintain life of ventilation system
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