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    Bitvivid Profile

    This document offers insights about our company, associations, highlights projects etc.

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    Explore the realms of AI, 5G, and video analytics through an in-depth guide.

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    Need help with restaurant automation? Get the help of this document and make your restaurant smarter.

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      Driving innovation for safer and smarter city roads, get deep insights on transforming your city's traffic with the help of this document.

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    AI/ML Training

    Be the professional who possess the expertise and knowledge required to develop, implement, and manage AI solutions.

  • Success Stories

    As a innovative startup, we are continuously exploring new applications and technologies to expand our service offerings and deliver innovative solutions to our clients. Check out various case studies here:

    • Adani Enterprises

      Achieved objective to automate data acquisition, provide real-time insights, and optimize various key performance indicators critical to the business.

  • Prayagraj Smart City

    They embraced innovation by integrating advanced video analytics technology to fortify its security measures and uphold stringent hygiene protocols.

  • Smart Restaurant

    The implementation of AI-Based Intelligent Video Analytics has been undertaken to enhance various aspects of the city's operations, traffic control etc.

  • Dive into Our Gallery

    These snapshots reflect the journey we're on together. Behind every success, there's a collective effort, and our team is a testament to that spirit. As we grow, evolve, and achieve milestones, our team remains the cornerstone of our success.
    Experience the essence of our team through these images, and join us in our pursuit of excellence.

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    Bitvivid Solutions Pvt. Ltd. is working with a vision to solve city administration problems by using cutting edge Artificial Intelligence, Robotic Process Automation, Blockchain and loT technologies.

    We believe in the transformative power of artificial intelligence. Our team of experts combines passion and innovation to redefine the possibilities of video analytics.