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Deep IVA for COVID-19

Our AI based Deep IVA product helps your institution to develop more specific CCP prevention strategies and improve public health by providing the following Video Analytics

Deep IVA, the most powerful video analytics technology, employs artificial intelligence to send real-time alerts when events of interest occur. If someone isn't wearing a mask, isn't following social distance guidelines, or has a high temperature, leading systems can detect it. The system sends out alarms when certain occurrences occur, such as congestion in regions where COVID-19 norms are not being followed.


Face Detection

Face-detection algorithms focus on the detection of frontal human faces. It is analogous to image detection in which the image of a person is matched bit by bit. Image matches with the image stores in database. Any facial feature changes in the database will invalidate the matching process.

Our Deep IVA based system can detect the face of the individual and store images in database by which humans can locate and attend to faces in a visual scene.

Face detection can be regarded as a specific case of object-class detection.


Face Mask

COVID-19 spreads mostly by droplet infection when people cough or if we touch someone who is ill and then to our face (i.e rubbing eyes or nose). Ongoing pandemic shows that it is much more contagious and spreads fast. Depending on the infection spreading, we have two cases: Fast and Slow spread. To avoid getting infected or spreading it, It is essential to wear a face mask while going out from home especially to public places such as markets or hospitals.

We use AI algorithms combined with Computer Vision to detect people with masks and without masks.


Social Distancing

Social Distancing – the term that has taken the world by storm and is transforming the way we live. Social distancing has become a mantra around the world, transcending languages and cultures. This way of living has been forced upon us by the fastest growing pandemic the world has ever seen – COVID-19. As per the World Health Organization (WHO), COVID-19 has so far infected almost 4 million people and claimed over 230K lives globally. Around 213 countries have been affected so far by the deadly virus.

It can help industries in maintaining social distancing in the workplace. It can detect whether the persons are maintaining social distance or not.