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City AI

City AI

Our City AI solution is based on micro services architecture to promote individual service scaling. It can handle multiple channels and is best suited for data-center deployment. Our portfolio includes solutions like "Crowd counting", "Line Counting", "Car makemodel detection", "Number plate detection" and other smart city use cases.

Cities are increasingly turning towards specialized technologies to address issues related to society, ecology, morphology and many others. The emerging concept of smart cities highly encourages this prospect by promoting the incorporation of sensors and Big Data through the Internet of Things (IoT). Now we are seeing the latest big boost to Smart City initiatives in the form of Artificial Intelligence. AI gives computers the ability to see, hear, move, and reason. AI-powered computer vision systems, for example, could allow computers to identify millions of elements of urban life simultaneously, such as people, cars, public workers, trash, accidents, fires, disasters, etc.


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With this product, we aim to solve traffic issues caused by rapid urbanization.It comes with features like"remote node management", "dynamic timer" and "traffic sensing".
Basically detects the people and count them on passing some certain area.
Detection of crowd in order to notifying the situation of stampede, crowd crushes, affray, fights involving drunk and disorderly people or riots.
Based on a fast neural network architecture, our car make and model recognition module can be easily integrated into applications that require accurate tagging of car images.